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Haunted by grief and guilt after a tragic accident, you start seeing a house in your dreams. No matter what you do, you can't get its image out of your mind. You feel it calling for you, so you answer it.

The Windows Are Gone is a short, psychological horror game made by Scary Cube. It focuses on creating an immersive and disturbing atmosphere through the manipulation of narrative and audiovisual elements.

This game should take 40 minutes to 1 hour to complete.


  • Psychological horror: Immerse yourself in an unsettling narrative that blurs the line between reality and the subconscious.
  • Retro Aesthetic: Nostalgic PS1/PS2 visuals with a mix of old and modern.
  • Atmospheric Gameplay: Experience an immersive atmosphere created through the manipulation of the audiovisual elements.
  • Moving in: Bring the boxes inside and decorate the house to your liking: it's your new home, afterall.
  • Exploration: Explore the scenary, find secrets and piece together the clues left by the previous owner of this mysterious house.
  • Multiple Endings: Choose the destiny of the protagonist.



Assombrado pela dor e pela culpa após um trágico acidente, você começa a ver uma casa em seus sonhos. Não importa o que você faça, você não consegue tirar sua imagem da sua mente. Você sente que ela está chamando por você, então você a atende.

The Windows Are Gone é um jogo curto de terror psicológico feito por Scary Cube. Ele foca na criação de uma atmosfera envolvente e perturbadora através da manipulação de elementos narrativos e audiovisuais.

Este jogo deve levar de 40 minutos a 1 hora para ser concluído.


  • Terror psicológico: Mergulhe em uma narrativa perturbadora que mistura a realidade e o subconsciente.
  • Estética retrô: Visuais nostálgicos do PS1/PS2 com uma mistura do antigo e do moderno.
  • Jogabilidade atmosférica: Experimente uma atmosfera envolvente criada através da manipulação de elementos audiovisuais.
  • De mudança: Leve as caixas para dentro e decore a casa ao seu gosto: afinal, é a sua nova casa.
  • Exploração: Explore o cenário, encontre segredos e reúna as pistas deixadas pelo antigo dono desta casa misteriosa.
  • Múltiplos Finais: Escolha o destino do protagonista.


Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(98 total ratings)
AuthorScary Cube
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Creepy, Horror, Immersive, Narrative, Psychological Horror, Retro, suspense, Thriller


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Great game but I didn't get to finish decorating my home :(

Liked this game a lot, Even almost got me emotional!

You quickly became my new favorite developer thanks to your current line-up (this game and Building 71). Love the way you tell a story using psychological horror. Can't wait for your next game! :3


This game absolutely exceeded my expectations. The introductory cutscene was already great to set the tone of the game, but the gameplay, sound design, and storytelling itself just felt really strong. I haven't played an indie game like this in quite some time. Amazing experience!

fun game and cool but not scary at all to be honest


It's creepy, it's super trippy, it knows what it's job is and it does it well. The sound design is effective and unsettling, the atmosphere of the house is oppressive, the backstory is good, the dialogue is written very well, the visuals are creepy as all hell. It will definitely leave you thinking after it's over, wondering if you really understood what happened or not (I think I do, but I'm not positive). Very good game overall, 10/10


One of the best indie short horror games I've played in a while, felt straight outta Skinamarink. 10/10

Good! The music, trippy visuals and oppressive soundscape all felt very Lynchian. So much more polished and well put together than I was expecting. You can tell the game had an actual vision in mind as opposed to just cheap spooks.

I've gone through the game several times just to arrange things in different variations х)

Wife turned Spiderman

Such a haunting game! Really enjoyed playing! :D

This was an Adventure Indie Horror at its finest

She's Crawling on the Ceiling | The Windows Are Gone | Indie Horror Game

Definitely one of the most polished and scary games on itchio, that was terrifying. I love how you made such a well lit and inviting house seem so unbelievably unsettling. And when things suddenly start changing, it gets so much more scary so fast, it was very well done. There weren't even any jumpscares and yet I was literally in tears at one point, because of how scared I was. I do think there was a minor glitch in the ending cutscene though, the same phrase kept repeating a bunch and just stayed on screen through the credits, you might want to take a look at that.

Incredibly scary! One of the scariest games on itchio in my opinion, very polished! 

This was the scariest horror game I've played in a while. Absolutely stellar build-up and great writing. The soundtrack was amazing and I was absolutely terrified towards the end. Made me feel super uneasy. Keep up the great work!

really great game really great writing. Immersive entertaining moody intro - weird ass busted window puzzle - also immersive tense spooky outro. 

Hi, I played this on steam recently, and it's awesome, but I have some feedback.

First I noticed something : when tape#1 appears, I could grab it, but I decided to keep bringing the boxes in. Later on, I could inspect it but no longer grab it, nor could I grab tape#2.

After the first night, I could grab it (so I did) and that unlocked the grab option on tape#2 and the following ones.

I was wondering if there's a reason you scripted the "grab" option to be available only at certain times for tapes.

A friend missed the first one initially, then couldn't grab it... and never checked again if he could cause he thought it would unlock later... thus none of the following tapes ever got the grab option and he missed all that.

Finally, and that echoes the recent feedback : sometimes the character won't interact with anything cause the game is expecting us to do a specific thing... which is confusing as there's no "objectives" visible on screen so some people might have missed what to do and could think the game bugged.

Again, despite those two things, the game is really cool and well made, you did a great job :)

I was really enjoying this game, But then something happened and I can no longer interact with anything. It soft-locked me. I was an hour into playing it. I do not feel like going through the process of moving all those boxes in again. 

Unfortunately I think I encountered a bug in one area late in the game where I suddenly couldn't interact with anything, softlocking me. I'll have to try the game again later... but what I played has been really cool so far

i cannot believe how great this game is! i went in totally blind and im glad i did this is so well made. from the soundtrack to the U.I. to the pacing and story building i highly suggest playing 9/10 Raven says go check it out!
Deleted post

Cara fico muito feliz de ver que vocês continuaram a fazer os jogos, mais uma vez vocês surpreenderam que jogo bom de jogar que foi esse, meus parabéns fizeram um ótimo trabalho tanto com a historia tanto com os gráficos muito bonito por sinal, espero que continuem a fazer os jogos vocês são brabos 

Gameplay PT-BR

I loved the premise, the way you have to move a box into every room is such a great way to explore the environment and the way the story moved forward was really well done. I enjoyed that it still felt like I had some sort of freedom even though it was such a linear and short game. Amazing work.

Absolutely incredible, adored The Building 71 Incident and this was no different, insane atmosphere and unsettling themes, will be thinking about this for days

Good game and great story telling

good game, great story..

thanks for let us playing this game 


I don't play video games to move boxes, unpack ,and decorate. Seems that's all this is.

Good game. Really need to play the other ending tho.

I'm not going to lie to you, I've been obsessing over this game since I played it, and I'm currently working on a full essay. Here's a gameplay vid to tide you over until I'm done, but if there's anything important that should go in the main essay please let me know!


I really enjoy the game. The story was great but also enjoyed the fact i didnt know what was going to happen at the end.

Beautifully done. I really enjoyed this game.


Very well could be the best horror game I've ever played.


Hi I wish I could have fully decorated the house to my liking! Be a real decorator!

Nice game with a good atmosphere but after I move all the boxes...nothing happens...

Hello, I played this game and I really enjoyed it! Great job :)


This game was really cool and interesting. I loved the interactivity and slow paced gameplay that got you immersed into the world. The story was creepy and good and it was just overall an enjoyable experience.

My friend watched me play and said: It's clear that you put a lot of work into this game and it shows. It's a beautiful piece of horror and I loved every second of it. What did the pastries mean?

Can i play your game and put a video up on my youtube channel of me playing your game 

Really enjoyed this one.

The writing and atmosphere are fantastic but I think it bugged out for me because nothing happened after the doors and windows disappeared. I was just stuck in the house without any new event triggering.

Apparently the thing you need to do, is to find the only remaining window left in the house and approach it.

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